A3 Max 2 Auto Feeder


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A3 max is a Desktop type plotter, with 170 paper feeding at a time and auto contour cutting provided by skycut at affordable prices. Skycut A3 has an ideal touch screen that provides you with simple instructions to use, with a multi-interface.

  1. 1. Highly reflective material variation which provides various colour materials and marks.
  2. 2. Multi-coloured LED Support which helps in working at night shift.
  3. 3. Automatic paper feeding intelligence up to 170pcs at a time.
  4. 4. Large touch screen that is easy to use by anyone.


  1. 1. 1000G cutting force which cut materials like fabric EVA etc.

  2. 2. Multi-interface connecting which includes USB, hard drive, WIFI.

  3. 3. Professionally Industrial made Plastic body for long durability and stability.

  4. 4. Large touch screen which is easy to use by anyone.

  5. 5. Catching tray for assembling the cutter pieces or paper.


  • Large touch screen menu
      High sensitivity.
      Simple use, straightforward operation.
      With multi-languages.
      Powerful function like follow-back command functioning, and free set distance between each copy.
  • Multi-interface
    USB cable(real USB, no need to install driver) U disk (support both normal cutting and contour cutting) Wifi(optional).
  • Camera for auto contour cutting
      Skycut patent featured a built-in real camera for auto-scanning and cutting. High accuracy, fast speed, and capable for any colour materials and marks, like:
      1.High reflective materials.
      2.Various colour materials.
      3.Transparent materials.
      4. Any colour marks.
  • Accessories:

    • Cutting tools: All products come with capsules type cutting tubes which provides you various function like stability, accuracy and speed for smooth lining up and cutting.

    • Different Angles Blades: We provide the various blades of different angles based on various type of cutter from small to large we provide the blades range in 30°, 45°, 60°.

    • Drawing pen kit with Matt: Skycut provides a drawing pen kit and cutting mat for better gripping and cutting purpose, A series comes with 2 drawing pen and a cutting mat.

    • Multi-function cables: All products of skycut come with cables like USB cables, power cables and adapters on individual products and power capacity of cutters.